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Multifunction Fitness Pedal Exerciser Sit-up Exercise

Multifunction Fitness Pedal Exerciser Sit-up Exercise

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✅ NO FEAR OF BREAKING --- Our stretch workout bands are made of 100% Eco-friendly natural latex. It’s not cheap thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material commonly found in the market. Our elastic band is also wrapped with thick nylon fabric, no worry about breaking. Our exercise band subjected to multiple tensile tests, durable and stay flat even after excessive use, anti-shedding design at the end of the elastic rope, safe and secure, makes you feel confident and comfortable while stretching. ✅ INNOVATIVE REMOVABLE DESIGN --- Thanks to the hook connection, the elastic fitness bands / foot pedal / handles can be quickly removed and freely combined according to your preferences, allowing you to buy only one workout equipment but experience fun and health brought by various fitness equipments. After you use it, it can also be disassembled, which is convenient for storage and portable. However, most similar products on the market cannot be disassembled and have a single function. ✅  STRENGTH ADJUSTABLE --- Our stretch rope set contains 4 elastic bands, each with a stretch of 20 pounds. You can freely choose the number of installed bands according to your personal preference and exercise stage to achieve the adjustment of the tension; However, similar resistance bands set on the market are fixed, not removable, and the tension is not adjustable ✅  4IN1 WORKOUT EQUIPMENT --- Combination 1: Long handle + elastic bands + foot pedal = portable sit up assistant device, used to exercise arms,shoulders,abdomen, back, legs and other parts, replacing large and expensive sit-up bench; Combination 2: 2 handles + elastic bands = chest expander; Combination 3: 2 handles + elastic bands + foot pedal = V-shaped tensioner; Combination 4: door anchor + elastic bands = door pull rope; more practical combinations, waiting for your discovery

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